delivery available in gauteng –  within a 30km radius

delivery available in Gauteng within 30km radius

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Dylan’s Deli was started by Ruth Beinart. A large personality, a love of good quality food and most of all love for her son Dylan.

My son Dylan passed away when he was 18 years old. He was an absolute foodie and loved to explore different flavours, restaurants and cuisines.
It was not uncommon for him to find the one “weird” food on a menu that he had to order to give it a try or find an exotic restaurant that had to be visited to see what they had.

Dylan was always in the kitchen concocting some or other dish. From when he was little he had a pallet for good quality flavours. He could taste immediately if a piece of meat was not the right cut or there was a spice that was missing or too much in a dish.

A story comes to mind how at the age of 10 after ordering a plate of pasta, he called the waiter over and told the waiter that the pasta was over cooked and should be al dente!! He had a particular love for umami flavours and would harass the local butcher about the right spices and textures that he needed to put on his biltong to get the flavour just right.

As a single mom, I held down a variety of jobs to ensure that I could provide for Dylan. It wasn’t always easy but was definitely worth it. I was always on the hunt for affordable quality.

And so the inspiration was born to create a deli with exquisite flavours, delicious meals and quality products at affordable prices. So with that in mind please look through the website and don’t hesitate to order.